The joys of Armchair Expert

Last summer, I started listening to Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert. Although I haven’t stayed up to date compared to the Harry Potter podcasts that I listen to. Yet, I’ve found Armchair Expert to be an addicting podcast – for similar reasons to Dana Hubbard – in regards of how it’s a pretty funny and somewhat light hearted podcast. Granted, there are times when Shepard’s interview styles sometimes can get a little deep.

Naturally, the first episode that Shepard did was with his wife, Kristen Bell. What I personally liked about the episode is how it was a nice glimpse into their marriage.

A behind the scenes look at the interview process from the first episode Armchair Expert. Around the time when Kristen Bell recorded this episode, Bell and Shepard happened to be a mini-fight over a La-Z-Boy that was placed in their living room. Since the first episode, Dax had move the La-Z-Boy into the attic. Photo from Armchair Expert Website.

Beyond Bell, Shepard has brought on some other actors I like, such as Sophia Bush and Josh Hutcherson. What’s nice about this podcast bringing on actors like Bush and Hutcherson is the fact that Shepard is able to talk shop about with them and has some basic knowledge of his guest’s background allows him to ask specific questions that enhances the interview process. Specifically the fact that a decent amount of the guests Shepard has brought onto the podcast are people he’s known for a while.

This allows us as listeners to learn more about the celebrities that are brought onto the show as well as the industry they work in.

During the first year, the podcast has explored a nice verity of topics. This is impart due to how Shepard added a monthly segment called “Experts on Expert” in which an expert in fields like law or psychology are brought onto the show to dive into specific topics. This is how I found out Jonathan Hadt’s book, The Coddling of the American Brain.

The fact that Shepard brings on experts in their fields adds a nice verity to the show. It would be easy, I think, for Shepard to limit who he brings onto the show. Yet, since he doesn’t, it helps to show how actor’s interests aren’t limited to just being actors. And it’s a part of the reason why I, like others, have found it to have become one of my favorite podcasts.

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